my experience of sacred small F4 upgrade

I am a new district a small sacred doors F4. Now I play the small number. We all know that F4 series is one of the most difficult job training. I began to talk about my experience. It is very easy before one roll. If you are a new player, you can through the shut perfectly. After 1 roll, you go to capital, right below the map. There are many Polly in that map Property investment portal.

If you do not have enough zeny, you only buy hammer to beat Polly, but you want to beat POPOLY hardly. Of course, if you have old players to help you to teach you, which are very good, you can go to above 20 levels, in general, many players happy to help new players. This time you can go to zombie hold 1 floor. You can make team with other players to beat zombie.

This way, you can upgrade fast. You need remember at here, F4 with low attack strengths must run away after encountering bats, or they eat all of your blood. If you have high attack strengths, you can go to fight with bats. You are a person to beat POPOLY hardly. When it is eating some things, you beat it first this time, and then let your teammate beat it lace and embroidery. After 28-30 levels, you leave your team, and then you fight by yourself. This time you own much experience and zeny. Beyond that, you will find that upgrade is very hard.

This time, you need use the Ragnarok Zeny to buy some the wing of flies and blue water (men with much Ragnarok Online Zeny). You are a person to the second flood, if you are lonely. You cure the soldieries and bowmen, and fly after meeting bats. This way, you can upgrade fast, too. If you have enough Ragnarok Online Zeny, you can make team with boxing or robber, one close attack, one far attack MPLS VPN service.

Germany coach Loew to extend

An extension to Germany coach Joachim Loew's contract is expected to be confirmed on Friday, according to the German football federation (DFB)home organizer online.

Loew's existing deal runs until the 2014 World Cup but both the manager and DFB president Wolfgang Niersbach have made it clear they want the arrangement to continue after Brazil.

Under Loew Germany made it through to the final of Euro 2008, where they lost 1-0 to Spain, third place at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and the semi-finals at Euro 2012add hair.

And Germany have sailed through qualification for next year's World Cup unbeaten in their group, culminating in Tuesday's 5-3 win over Sweden.

Since Loew took over from Jurgen Klinsmann after their third place in the 2006 World Cup on home soil Germany's record stands at 68 wins from 99 matches.

Loew's contract is one of the topics up for discussion at a conference Friday in Frankfurt, at which the coach is due to attend water filter hong kong.

After Tuesday's final World Cup qualifier Loew when asked about his situation said: "I still have to talk to Wolfgang Niersbach... but I'm confident we will reach an agreement."

Vettel hot favourite at Singapore

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel can take another huge step towards his fourth straight world title and Formula One greatness when he starts on pole at the Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday.

The sublime young German zeroed in on his third win in Singapore, and his fourth in five races this season, with a brilliant drive to qualify at the front of the grid late on Saturday Hong Kong ip networking.

He will start Sunday's night race knowing another victory will put him closer to joining Michael Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio as only the third man to win four world titles in a row.

Mercedes' Nico Rosberg will start from second but Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso, second in the standings but 53 points behind Vettel, is seventh.

British Mercedes pilot Lewis Hamilton, who is also mathematically capable of reeling in Vettel, will get under way from fifth.

And Ferrari-bound Kimi Raikkonen, also barely alive in the championship race, will battle severe back pain as he starts from way back in 13th wood cabinet storage.

"It's not the first time I've driven with a problem and it probably won't be the last time either, but I'll be on the grid tomorrow and we'll try to get the maximum from where we are at the start," said the Finn, 33.

Formula One's only night race affords a sumptuous spectacle for fans as it snakes through the towering skyscrapers and landmarks of downtown Singapore.

But the bumpy street track, twisting round 23 corners, and Southeast Asian heat and humidity make it one of the stiffest challenges of the year for drivers.

"It's one of the toughest races we face all year, I would say the toughest physically and mentally. It's so long and there's so many corners, there's hardly any room for mistakes," Vettel said.

"Pole is the best position to start from. I'm very happy with that as it's tricky to pass on this track. But because it's such a long race I think there's plenty of opportunities for all of us."

The 26-year-old put in a stunning drive late on Saturday to set the two fastest times and was so confident that he decided to sit out the last few minutes of qualifying.

However, he endured some nervy moments as his time came under threat, and punched the air in relief when outgoing teammate Mark Webber came up just short rent handbags.

After a slow start to the season Vettel has won half of this year's 12 races and three of the past four to take the championship by the scruff of the neck.

Where I belong

Red maple, autumn has been deep, Lengyue cry dew flowers without soul, thousand moon to several people? Toss red bean, send the who?

-- "

Month make Shuying, subtle fragrance floating, the night to my deep thoughts quietly ink dye. A hint of autumn, rang the hanging of the string of purple in autumn light in memory campanula. I lazily lying in bed, eyes closed, as the messy thoughts fly.

Your shadow filled my mind, but I do not know in what they want. I just remember, you once said: the vibrant, forever, love you forever. But the flow of time, pledge already cannot afford a way, already dense smoke scatters with the wind. I stretched out my hand, has not catch a vow of temperature.

My love, like a wilted flower, in the autumn. By autumn, the vast sky, I a person walk alone in the thin cool the depths of time, love has gone away, who can hold?

Buddha said: the world everything is karma. I believe, I believe.

Presumably, if not meet, will not know; if you don't know, don't know; if you don't know, will not love; if not love, will not have today's heart.

Wattpad takes ‘chat fiction’ beyond text with launch of Tap Originals

Chat fiction apps are among some of the most popular in the App Store, thanks to their highly engaged, largely teenage to young adult fan base who enjoy reading thrilling stories told in the form of text messages. Today, one competitor in this space, Wattpad, is rolling out an upgrade to its chat stories to differentiate its app from others, and further addict its readers. The company is introducing a select group of stories called “Tap Originals” in its app Tap by Wattpad. These stories go beyond text to integrate media like video, sound, images, voice notes, and even a “choose-your-own-ending” feature phone covers.
If you’ve somehow missed the chat fiction craze, you’re probably an adult. These apps are hugely popular with teens – top app Hooked says its app has been downloaded 20 million times, for example, and nearly 70% of readers are under 25.
Meanwhile, Wattpad’s Tap app entered this market in February, where it competes with higher-ranking apps, Hooked and Yarn – now the #79 and #106 free apps across the entire App Store, respectively. The two also hold the #1 and #3 positions in the Books category, while Wattpad’s Tap comes in at #9.
Since its debut, Tap has grown its catalog to include over 300,000 stories, and is ranked in the top 10 in the Books category in several other countries outside the U.S., as well, including the U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Its chat fiction stories, like those from others in this space, are far from being of literary merit. But arguably, they’re not meant to replace reading novels – they’re just a new form of entertainment cloud computing hong kong.
Wattpad declines to share its user numbers, but says it has recorded over 2 billion “taps” to date. (A tap being the way you interact with the story to reveal the next line of text.)
With the introduction of Tap Originals, Wattpad is partnering with some of its top-tier writers on a commission basis in order to produce stories told in this new format across genres like suspense, horror and drama. The stories also won’t be told all at once. Instead, a new chapter will be released each week that continues the saga – something that makes the Tap Originals seem more like episodes of a TV show Wigs for Cancer Patients Bright Hopes.
The concept for Tap Originals comes from the fact that we use our phones to communicate in other ways, beyond just texting. That means these new stories may interrupt their text-based storytelling with a video that shows a FaceTime video call from one of the main characters; or they may play a voice message, or add in other multimedia in between the back-and-forth text conversations.
The app itself and its stories are free, including the new Tap Originals, but it makes money through subscriptions. You can pay on either a weekly ($2.99), monthly ($7.99) or annual ($39.99) basis in order to read uninterrupted. Otherwise, the stories will pause at a cliffhanger, making you wait to find out what happens next.
At launch, there are just a handful of Tap Original titles available, including “The New Wife,” where a man receives Facebook messages from his dead wife; “Molly: The Returned,” which continues Tap’s earlier “Molly” saga about a missing girl; and “Hide: No Way Out,” the sequel to a popular Tap story, which involves strange noises from the attic.
The stories, like other Tap content, are available in over 10 languages and available in both the Tap iOS and Android applications.


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